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Ukranian love has Arrived!!

New Arrivals

Inspirations of northern Europe with a modern shape and style, we are excited to bring to you our Vshyvanka treasures.  Vyshyvanka is  the everyday name for a  type of embroidery from Ukraine and Russian areas.  Unique to these areas Vyshyvanka is now a hot runway look.  Usually created on linen our dress are a 100% handdyed cotton which are easier an dcooler to wear.  Beliveing strongly in slow fashion these dresses will bring you many years of joy. Checkout our beautiful dresses and shirts.  We only have a limited amount due to the time it takes to make each one.

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Autumn Nights + Tribal Jackets

autumn denim jacket tribal jackets

Autumn Night - Tribal Jackets Denim jackets, tribal love are hot this seasons! We were thrilled to be  featured in this months  Fashion Weekly Magazine too! Fashion Weekly Magazine love finding local, great value unique fashions which we thin are just us to a T.  We have combined these loves to bring you handmade tribal jackets. Exquisite hand beaded panels from Pakistan home industries sourced and applied to soft denim jackets. Ranging is sizes from 10-14, these jackets are truly exquisite.  

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Making of the Mandala Throws

boho home decor mandala throw style summer

Take a look at the work involved in making mandalas.  Truly amazing. Beautiful Christmas presents, beach essential, lounge or bed throw. Grab yours now in our mandala throw section.

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The history of Tassels and why we still wear them today.

2016 summer fashion beaded boho Byron Bay Celebrities designer fashion festival necklace Pom Pom product review style summer Tassel Necklace Tassels Tribal what to wear

Tassels, you see them all over the place, hanging off graduation caps, handbags, jackets, and necklaces. This season fashion designers are incorporating them into their summer collections because of their pure luxe legacy. We can thank the French for turning the tassel into a trendsetter. Around the 16th century, the Guild of the Passementiers established the art of "passementerie." It took seven years of apprenticeship to be trained in this craft, and a single tassel would cost the equivalent of thousands of dollars to commission. Napoleon decorated his imperial throne with them. King Louis XIV even commissioned them to decorate all...

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Handmade kuchi tribal patches are a versitle little treasure!

Our handmade kutchi Kuchi tribal patches are a textile treasure.  Handmade by tribal people in pakistan these treasure are made with beads, mirror, wool and cotton.  They are meticulously hand crafted with the finest of needles and  workmanship.  These little adornments can be sewn onto bags, clutches, jackets, skirts, wallhangings; the list goes on.  So grab your tribal treasures now or buy a jacket already adorned with these gorgeous pieces. Each piece unique and very special with traditional colours and motifs. Grab yours on our store now.  

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